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“ The Island of Art - Instead of attracting the gaze on itself, the frame is limited to condense and pour it into the artwork ."

"The painting, like poetry or music, like any work of art, is an opening of unreality that magically opens to our real contour."

"The artwork is a floating imaginary island surrounded by reality everywhere. To produce it, is therefore necessary that the aesthetic body is isolated from the vital contour."

"Hence the unframed picture, confusing its limits with useful, extra-artistic objects around him, lose grace and suggestion. It is necessary that the actual wall end radically, and suddenly, without hesitation, we are in the unreal territory of the picture. It takes an insulator. This is the frame."

The frame is no longer the wall, merely useful piece of my surroundings, but still not the enchanted surface of the painting. Border of two regions, serves to neutralize a short stretch of wall and acts as a springboard, launching our attention to the legendary dimension of the aesthetic island.” José Ortega y Gasset (1883 – 1955) – Meditations on the Frame – Spectator III 1921(Translation by Lourdes Gorbea)


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